Workshops & Seminars

We run a variety of events from exclusive networking meet ups for our zenith partners through to collaborative workshops tailor made for the general public on topics such as mindfulness, peak performance, nutrition and much more.

Our Networking events are a springboard for creative ideas and innovation between our zenith partner for potential collaboration as well as a space for guest speakers who we hire to speak and build up our zenith partners on all areas of business, marketing & mindset.

Our workshops and seminars are created in tandem with our zenith partners and involve promotion in their specific areas of specialisation. This is an excellent opportunity for professionals looking to step out from the clinic space into the event space where they are able to have an even greater impact as they switch from one to one through to one to many. Here you are able to enhance your personal brand and ensure your message is delivered in the appropriate way with the right assistance, direction and support.

WORKSHOPSMindwell , Unleashed Energy, Wellness Markets
NETWORKING EVENTSHow to Engage the Media, Facebook for Business, Zenith Mindset

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